Junior Battles Reveal Idle Ages Album, Get Fucked Up's Damian Abraham and Franz Nicolay to Guest

Junior Battles Reveal <i>Idle Ages</i> Album, Get Fucked Up's Damian Abraham and Franz Nicolay to Guest
Full disclosure before we get started: Toronto pop punk quartet Junior Battles count Exclaim! TV's Garageland host Sam Sutherland among their ranks. That said, there are few other people we would trust with the near-impossible task of separating the charm from the cheese in '90s pop punk. From the looks of it, however, that's just what Junior Battles have accomplished on their debut album.

The record is called Idle Ages and follows a string of EPs. And for the full-length, they seem to have pulled out all the stops, bringing in guests like former Hold Steady member Franz Nicolay and eternally shirtless Fucked Up frontman Damian Abraham.

"We've always felt like a full-length is a great chance to make some weird choices you couldn't on a seven-inch or with an EP," Sutherland said in a press release. "It's a chance to do something a little more grandiose, and we wanted to reach out to some friends and get them to add to this monstrosity we were trying to make."

Idle Ages will be available from Paper + Plastick on June 28 on CD, vinyl or as a digital download. Album track "Seventeen" can be streamed below and that's the cover above.

Speaking of the LP, Sutherland added, "We ended up using a lot of ages as signposts along the way. I felt a really specific way about the way I thought the world should work when I was 17. And this record is about trying to figure out if you were right."

Seventeen by juniorbattles