June Panic and His Silver Sound Horror Vacui

Like a rusty squeeze box getting an early morning start, June Panic cranks into Horror Vacui, the best so far in a remarkable string of eight records - and he's only in his mid-20s. It combines the ramshackle rattle of Dylan's Blonde On Blonde with a forceful delivery and forward momentum of inspiration that says onward ho, and damn the perfection. But however lacking it might be in polish - and it sounds like the wheels will fly off into the valley on the next sharp turn - there's no doubting the power of June Panic's vision shining through on these sloppy rockers. The included insert that outlines various proofs of the presence or absence of "an absolutely necessary being" might provide insight into June's world, but Horror Vacui rocks despite its pretensions to a Hegelian sort of math rock. Study the workings of an eccentrically creative mind, but don't worry, it's an aural exam. (Secretly Canadian)