July Talk WayBright Stage, Oro-Medonte ON, July 26

July Talk WayBright Stage, Oro-Medonte ON, July 26
Photo: Shane Parent
The onstage interplay between Peter Dreimanis and Leah Fay has been the stuff of Canadian music-fest legend in recent years; what's more impressive is that in between all the hair pulling and shirt grabbing, the two actually manage to hit all their musical cues, ensuring that a July Talk performance never falls off the rails.

It's that dedication to showman- and musicianship that has propelled the group to lofty heights, and the band appeared unwilling to dial back either at their WayHome performance. Decked out in a leather jacket and jeans despite the 30-plus-degree heat, Fay was in a particularly playful mood, flirting with security (she had them carry her from the stage to the monitor stand), climbing scaffolding and even staging a male wet t-shirt contest where each contestant won a kiss from Dreimanis, who anchored the performance with his Tom Waits howl.
The band worked through plenty of cuts from their debut, the recordings from which often take a back seat to their live performances in most fans' eyes. They quickly had the crowd "woo-hoo-hoo"ing along with "Guns and Ammunition," and revealed that next month they are heading into the studio to finish their new album, before playing one of two new songs. That both songs sounded like they build off of the best elements from their debut should move the group from "great live show" to "great band" status.