July Talk "Picturing Love" (video)

July Talk 'Picturing Love' (video)
The latest cut off July Talk's Touch LP to get the video treatment is "Picturing Love." It follows previously shared music videos for "Beck + Call" and "Push + Pull," and tackles the topic of the unrealistic expectations that can be created by porn.
"We've talked a lot about the mainstream media's depiction of love, romance and sex over the years," singer Leah Fay said in a statement. "Particularly about how hetero-Hollywood porn affects the way young people discover sex and the unrealistic and male-pleasure-centric ideas it forms and perpetuates. The more that people buy into the examples of sex/romance they see, and the less they tune into the actual wants and needs of their bodies/hearts, the more fucked up sexual relationships can become. So lyrically it's exploring that. Sexuality is complicated and curious and so much more than what mainstream media feeds us and suggests it is."
That message gets brought to life in the band's signature black-and-white style in the new video. Give it a watch below.

July Talk have a series of upcoming tour dates, both here in Canada and overseas. You can see the complete list of shows here.