July Talk "Paper Girl" (video)

July Talk 'Paper Girl' (video)
July Talk have their debut album on the way, and you can get a taste of what the Toronto band have to offer by checking out a video for their new track "Paper Girl."

The song is an eclectic tune that contrasts low-key blues riffs with aggressively loud full-band rock-outs. The most striking thing here is the vocals, as lead growler Peter Dreimanis shares singing duties with the sweet and tuneful Leah Fay. Imagine Tom Waits duetting with Zooey Deschanel, and you might get some idea of how different these two singers are.

As for the video, it's a black and white affair that's heavy on close-ups and, for the most part, lets the song do the talking.

Check out the premiere below, and ready ready for July Talk's self-titled debut album, which arrives October 16 via White Girl Records.