July Talk "Guns + Ammunition" (video)

July Talk 'Guns + Ammunition' (video)
Here's a music video that plays out a bit like that childhood tune "The Song That Never Ends." It comes from bluesy Toronto rock band July Talk, who filmed a looping clip for their song "Guns + Ammunition."

The black and white clip was filmed in a '60s-style recording studio, as the band perform the song from last year's self-titled album while people bustle in and out of the room and the camera spins slowly. The real hook comes at the very end of the video, when it seamlessly loops back to the beginning and starts all over again.

The clip was directed by Adam W. Crosby and the band's own Josh Warburton, who said in a statement:

The initial inspiration for the video came from Jean-Luc Godard's Rolling Stones documentary for Sympathy for the Devil. Adam and I loved the exploratory visual style, omnisciently floating through the live room where the Stones germinate a single lick into one of their most recognizable songs. We understood that to reference this in a three minute video we would need to take some fantastical steps by blocking the action in a theatrical way. This offered the second revelation, which was to present the video as an infinite loop, one-take video, which just felt perfect for the nature of the song's construct. Toronto-based art director Adam Belanger helped us with the visualization of a Spector-esque wall of sound studio construction, and the pieces fell together from there. We couldn't be more excited to share this project with July Talk's dedicated fan base.

Watch a one-take version of the clip below, and see the continuous loop at MyGunsAndAmmunition.com.

July Talk are currently on tour across Canada. See the dates over at Facebook.