Julianna Barwick and Helado Negro Join Forces as Ombre

Julianna Barwick and Helado Negro Join Forces as Ombre
Last year, Julianna Barwick quickly followed up her solo LP The Magic Place with a collaborative record with DNA's Ikue Mori, and the experimental voice artist is keeping things team-minded with her new project, Ombre. The outfit, also featuring Helado Negro (aka Roberto Carlos Lange), issue their debut full-length Believe You Me August 21 through Asthmatic Kitty.

According to the press release, the collection finds Barwick moving beyond her voice and loop work to play guitar, vibraphone, electric piano and synthesizer on the LP. It adds that "Believe You Me's ten tracks are very much the sound of two solo artists, each bringing a distinctive style, vibe, and voice to the mix... The end product is a very warm (and very human) collage of personality."

You can get a sneak peek of what to expect via a download of album track "Cara Falsa" here, and check the tracklisting down below.

Believe You Me:

1. Noche Brilla

2. Weight Those Words

3. Vistate

4. Dawning

5. Sense

6. Tormentas

7. Cara Falsa

8. The Nod

9. Pausa Primera

10. Noche Brilla Pt 2