Juggle Your Home Viewing Options with South Park: Season 14, American Dad and Made in Dagenham in Our DVD Roundup

Juggle Your Home Viewing Options with <i>South Park: Season 14</i>, <i>American Dad</i> and <i>Made in Dagenham</i> in Our DVD Roundup
Another week, another batch of DVDs and Blu-rays flooding the marketplace, each vying for your disposable income. And since we know that digging through a landslide of titles, reading choppy, optimistic synopses can be misleading and tedious, we have reviews of the latest products in the Exclaim! Recently Reviewed to help you make an informed decision.

First up, irreverent pop culture satirists Trey Parker and Matt Stone are back with the 14th season of their consistently hilarious ode to social insanity, South Park: Season 14 (pictured), which our reviewer gave the Exclaim! Mark of Excellence. It's a much higher compliment than the one paid to American Dad! Volume Six, which our reviewer calls, "very rarely laugh-out-loud funny."

On the traditional narrative front, we have a review of the girl power biopic Made in Dagenham, wherein some spunky female labourers fight for equal pay in 1968 at the Ford Motor Company. It's safe to say that this is decidedly more serious viewing than the "Stone Cold" Steve Austin straight-to-DVD entry Knockout, wherein Austin 3:16 teaches a nerdy kid how to box, because really, that's all anyone needs to gain confidence in the world.

Also making its way straight to DVD is the Hilary Swank thriller The Resident, which is like The Sentinel and The Tenant only crappier and far more preoccupied with Christian morality. And if familiarity and status quo reiteration are your drug of choice, the routine detective procedural Luther might hit the mark as well.

And lastly, Alejandro Jodorowsky's surrealist, absurdist and gratuitous '70s art films, El Topo and The Holy Mountain, get the Blu-ray treatment. Read our reviews to find out which one is more fucked up.

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