Juggernaut/Bbugg The Cato Street Conspiracy

Much more interesting than the British historical event of the same name, The Cato Street Conspiracy taps two of France’s resident heavies to deliver the latest noise from a country that has yet to produce more popular metal bands than Trust and Treponem Pal. Juggernaut are exactly as their name implies: hulking, meaty riff-mongers that crave the mile-long groove. "A Halo Of Flies” starts off subtly like Keelhaul then opens up its ghastly 5ive maw for a six-minute foray into Godflesh-y drone metal. "Control In The Eastern Landscape” is a blaring maelstrom of pressurised chord poundings and drum destruction, while "A Miniaturisation Of Space” adds a wah-wah pedal to said cacophony. Conversely, Bbugg, a self-described "électro métal swing” duo, offer stoner-like metallic rock with lyrics en français. "Texture D’anarchie Sereine” recalls old Sugartooth but quickly morphs into strange, Vext-modelled neo-metal. "La Proie Désinvolte” is noisier, which is exactly what the Juggernaut/Bbugg collaborative cut, "Thème De Fin: Reach The Ants,” reprises. Even though its French-only lyrics will most likely hinder any dreams of export, The Cato Street Conspiracy is one of the more demanding split releases in a good while. (Basement Apes)