Judas Priest Fan Listens to Band's Nostradamus Album 391 Days in a Row

Judas Priest Fan Listens to Band's <i>Nostradamus</i> Album 391 Days in a Row
Cleveland, OH-based headbanger Jim Bartek is a strange and powerful man. The 49-year-old can do things normal dudes could never even dream of. And while they may not be the most amazing of accomplishments, they're still something the average mortal can't comprehend.

Bartek holds a record, but not just any record. He's responsible for having listened to metal gods Judas Priest's latest effort, concept album Nostradamus, for an amazing 391 days in a row. It was released on June 17, 2008.

Yes, he's been spinning all one hour and 42 minutes of the band's double-disc album every day for over a year. And the amazing thing is that he's not even out to break any official records; he just absolutely loves it.

"That's what's so great about Nostradamus; you can listen over and over again and always hear something new," Bartek notes during his 15 minutes of fame, going on to admit that his friends and coworkers are now calling him by the 16th century French prophet's name.

The tunes must be leaking into his brain because despite not being able to make any serious predictions himself, he has begun to dress like the real Nostradamus. He also carries an iPod armed with the double LP to ensure he never misses a session.

Given its lambasting by fans and press, we can only wonder if Priest has granted Nostradamus as much ear-time as Bartek.