Josh Homme's Rekords Rekords Gets into Bed with Dangerbird Records

Josh Homme's Rekords Rekords Gets into Bed with Dangerbird Records
Queens of the Stone Age front-man Josh Homme announced Thursday (June 10) that his often-incestuous record label, Rekords Rekords, will partner with L.A. indie rock imprint Dangerbird Records in the U.S. The partnership will give Homme the freedom to release whatever he damn well pleases, with marketing and distribution handled by Dangerbird.

"It's about the creation and releasing of music, period," explains Homme in a press release. "I wanted to put out releases without being asked any questions. That's why Rekords Rekords started. More than ever, now is a great time to make music for the sake of making music. Single, shmingle, just make a fucking piece of art."

Homme started Rekords Rekords in 1997 to release bands featuring him and most of his Joshua Tree, CA desert buddies. Eagles of Death Metal, Queens of the Stone Age and the infamous Desert Sessions are but a few of the acts that have had releases on Homme's label. The label's first release back in 1997, a co-release with the now-defunct Man's Ruin Records, was a Queens of the Stone Age/Kyuss split, surely an eBay gold-mine at this point.

Dangerbird is a Los Angeles-based label best known for their solid stable of indie bands, which includes Hot Hot Heat, Minus the Bear, Sea Wolf and the Silversun Pickups, among others.

The first release in the Dangerbird/Rekords co-existence will be the solo debut by frequent Homme collaborator (and sometimes member of Queens of the Stone Age) Alain Johannes. Also a co-founder of the band Eleven, Johannes will pay tribute to his late wife on the album, entitled Spark, which will be released on August 31.

"Because Alain plays, produces, records and sings, there's no plumbing between his feelings and what the music sounds like," Homme states. "The rollercoaster of Spark's very fragile beauty is the reason I started playing music. There are some things that can't be explained with words."

Homme also plans to release new albums from the Desert Sessions and Eagles of Death Metal in the not so distant future, as well as releasing the first ten Desert Sessions volumes as a box set (so we hope Dangerbird is busy pooling their resources).

Another planned release that will be of interest to Queens of the Stone Age fans is the debut album by L.A. psych rockers Mini Mansions, fronted by current Queens bassist Mikey "Shoes" Shuman.

"I gravitate to music that paints a really colorful, broad picture," says Homme. "Mini Mansions have these elements of Beach Boys, Pink Floyd and Elliott Smith without humping them at all. Their album evokes this dark and lovely landscape. None of that would matter if there weren't hooks though, and there are!"

And if success is to be measured by enthusiasm, well then, it looks as if this Rekords/Dangerbird team-up is already off to a good start.