Josh Homme: "I don’t see a need to do a Kyuss reunion”

Josh Homme: 'I don’t see a need to do a Kyuss reunion”
Despite rumours circulating about a possible Kyuss reunion, former guitarist and now front-man for Queens of the Stone Age Josh Homme has revealed to Exclaim! (in his only scheduled Canadian interview) that the legendary California-desert based fuzz metallers will not be reforming... ever.

Asked about whether there is any truth to the rumours, Homme said: "Someone asked me about a Kyuss reunion and being offered a lot of money, but that has nothing to do with it. I don’t see a need to do a reunion because it’s not what it was, it’s what it is. Kyuss is something I’m real proud of, and I think Kyuss fans are fucking awesome, and I think they’d be bummed if their impression of it got ruined. I’m not as interested in new people as I am the people that are into it from right now back. I don’t need to make any new Kyuss fans, I just wanna have the current fans not have what they believe in us tarnished… because I’m one of those people too. I wouldn’t want to risk it looking like it was for money either, because that would never be the case. It’s got a really cool legacy and it’d be a shame to jeopardize it for no reason. It’s a surefire way to blow it. A good buddy of mine said to never do a reunion or a sequel. I think that’s good advice."

The rumours stem from a gig back in December, when Queens of the Stone Age closed their set by welcoming former Kyuss singer John Garcia on stage, where the two parties performed a special encore comprised of three Kyuss songs: "Thumb," "Hurricane" and "Supa Scoopa and Mighty Scoop." According to Homme, it was just a one-off reunion and nothing to get too excited about. "It’s just ‘cause I love John," he said. "We were just like, 'Let’s do something cool that would trip everyone out.' I didn’t think it would create such a reaction like, 'Oh, are you guys gonna do something?' But it really has come up a lot. In a way we’re like, 'Well that’s really cool people are interested,' and in another way we’re like, 'Oops!'"

Homme's current band Queens of the Stone Age release their fifth album, Era Vulgaris on June 12. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Exclaim!'s review of the album, as well as more from the interview with Homme in the coming days.