Jordan Klassen 'Repentance' (album stream)

Jordan Klassen 'Repentance' (album stream)
British Columbia folk-pop orchestrator Jordan Klassen has made some serious headway in the past year, earning radio play with his single "Go to Me" and landing a deal with Nevado Records. Repentance is out via his new label home on September 24, and it's available to stream ahead of time on

The 12-track collection is packed with quiet folk ballads that swell to grandly ornate climaxes. "Sweet Chariot" and "I Am a Collector" recall the grandeur of Illinois-era Sufjan Stevens, while "Ranchero" is spiked with looming creepiness. Other tracks such as "Goodhart's Law" and "Strengthen Me with Raisins" are more low-key in their quiet intimacy.

There's also the aforementioned "Go to Me," an ultra ukulele ditty that builds to soaring chorus with a heart-lifting, Shins-style melody.

Hear the album below, and see Klassen's tour schedule here.

UPDATE: This stream was available for one week only and is no longer available.