Jonny Greenwood "Application 45 Version 1"

Jonny Greenwood 'Application 45 Version 1'
Just the other day, we got all the details on the upcoming soundtrack for Paul Thomas Anderson's The Master, which is being helmed by Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood. Well, now we have our first official taste of what's to come, as the track "Application 45 Version 1" has popped up online.

Greenwood is definitely in a classical frame of mind on this one, with the first half of the track building tension and one hell of an ominous atmosphere via some deep cello strikes, double-bass plunks and light, military-like percussion. By the midway point, though, the piece switches gears dramatically, as the orchestra fully opens up with a sweeping, nostalgia-laced melody that's as hopeful as it is beautiful, before bringing it all back down again with a severely creeped-out outro.

Check it out for yourself below.

As previously reported, you can now pre-order the soundtrack, which arrives September 11 through Nonesuch Records. The film itself hits theatres September 14.