Jonathan Emile Details His 'Phantom Pain'

Jonathan Emile Details His 'Phantom Pain'
Following some unfortunate legal troubles with Kendrick Lamar and his TDE, Montreal rapper Jonathan Emile is officially moving on and putting the focus back on what's truly important — his music. As such, Emile is now gearing up for the release of his second full-length effort Phantom Pain.

Coming out sooner than you may think, Phantom Pain is slated to arrive before the year is out, with the album due out digitally on December 29.

Fitting for the year we've had, Phantom Pain promises a darker turn from Emile, touching on everything from his recent battle with cancer to what he calls "his loss of faith, innocence and certainty."

Emile doesn't go it alone, however. Spread out through the LP's eight tracks, he's joined by series of new bloods and vets, including the likes of Cee, up-and-coming songstress Ezra Lewis, MC/vocalist Natasha Marie and guitarist Dylan Lazarus, as well as producers Lowgo, Young Kico, Dandeezy, Notion and Cee Goods. The resulting album was all mixed by Emile himself for MindPeaceLove and Notion at Illnote Studios in Toronto.

Shedding more light on what Emile has in store for Phantom Pain, he's shared the following statement:

Phantom Pain is like an echo of things lost. It's a big part of what I experienced battling cancer. It's a loss of faith, innocence and certainty. The whole project is a dark commentary on struggle and what it means to lose something and continue pushing forward; being changed by time itself. A lot of it is inspired by existentialism and phenomenology. So much of life is about making in through adversity, knowing parts of yourself are gone forever and understanding how that changes your very existence.

Phantom Pain is where your heroes are exposed as frauds, your abilities are slowly handicapped and the truth is revealed as exhausting and complex. I grapple with survivor's guilt, inner frustrations, grievances with industry and knowing the world itself has taken a major turn for the worse.

While we await on the album to arrive next week, you can see its cover art above and the tracklist below, where you'll also find a series of videos recently released in support of the record.

Phantom Pain:

1. Where We Go From Here (prod. by Dandeezy)
2. Limit [ft. Ezra Lewis] (prod. by Lowgo)
3. We Gon' Get It Tho (prod. by Notion)
4. Viva Fidel (prod. by Young Kico)
5. Phantom Pain [ft. Cee] (prod. by Lowgo)
6. Heart Of An Enemy [ft. Natasha Marie] (prod. by Cee Goods)
7. Niccolo (prod. by Notion)
8. NDA (Let's Pray) (prod. by Young Kico)