Jonas Reinhardt Announce New Album with Abyss of Fathomless Light, Prep 'Foam Fangs' EP

Jonas Reinhardt Announce New Album with Abyss of Fathomless Light, Prep 'Foam Fangs' EP
It's been a year since Jonas Reinhardt released their Music for the Tactile Dome LP (and less than that since their The Prime Revealer twelve-inch), and now the San Francisco synth masters have got a pair of new releases lined up.

On July 10, Jonas Reinhardt will release Rusting Ciphers of a Forgotten Sky through VCO Cassettes. This is a full-length collaboration with San Francisco sonic architect Abyss of Fathomless Light (aka Bert Bergen) and made up of two expansive 15-minute-plus pieces.

A press release notes that the album is built from synthesizers and tape loops, making for "an immersive soundscape" that is "bleak, industrial, rapturous and transcendent all at once."

Here's the cryptic description that's attached to the announcement:

The decaying remnants of human industrial artifice surround us all. They document an era whose intended functionality is now lost. These structures stand wasting. Among immense hangers, towers and factories, emptiness screams. They now serve a different purpose. They are totems. We gaze upon these forms with awe and horror as they oscillate between blight and ecstasy and mirror our own emotional spectrum.

What's more, Jonas Reinhardt also have an EP called Foam Fangs on the way. Their official website notes that it's "out soon" on 100% Silk, but no more details are currently available.

UPDATE: Foam Fangs now has a firm release date of July 24

Rusting Ciphers of a Forgotten Sky:

1. Beneath the Liquid District of Amalgamation
2. White Kingdom of the Five Year Plan