Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Continue Reissue Series with Now I Got Worry and Controversial Negro

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion Continue Reissue Series with <i>Now I Got Worry</i> and <i>Controversial Negro</i>
It looks as though the reissue dam has bust on the back catalog of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Coinciding with a handful of reunion live dates, the on-and-off-again band will be releasing new versions of their classic 1996 album, Now I Got Worry, along with their Japanese-only 1997 live album, Controversial Negro, via Majordomo/Shout! Factory on May 18.

As we previously told you, the band plan to reissue the bulk of their back catalogue with special packaging and gaggles of bonus tracks. The first reissue in the series, the best-of comp entitled Dirty Shirt and Rock 'N' Roll: The First Ten Years, was released back in March. The band also plan to reissue very early material under the banner of Year One, a version of 1993's Extra Width (including the Australia-only LP, Mo' Width), as well as their flagship albums, 1994's Orange and 1998's Acme, all with extra tracks and elaborate packaging.

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion are also making a solo Canadian stop in Montreal July 31 for the Osheaga Music & Arts Festival.

Full tracklistings for the reissues of Now I Got Worry and Controversial Negro are listed below.

Now I Got Worry:

1. "Skunk"
2. "Identify"
3. "Wail"
4. "Fuck Shit Up"
5. "2Kindsa Love"
6. "Love All of Me"
7. "Chicken Dog"
8. "Rocketship"
9. "Dynamite Lover"
10. "Hot Shot"
11. "Can't Stop"
12. "Firefly Child"
13. "Eyeballin"
14. "R.L. Got Soul"
15. "Get Over Here"
16. "Sticky"
17. "Cool Vee"*
18. "Fish Sauce"*
19. "Yellow Eyes"*
20. "Turn Up Greene"*
21. "Buscemi"*
22. "Get With It"*
23. "Let's Smerf"*
24. "Down Low"*
25. "Chocolate Joe"*
26. "Judah Love Theme"*
27. "Dig My Shit"*
28. "Roosevelt Hotel Blues"*
29. "Radio Ad: Announcer #1"*
30. "Radio Ad: Ernie Eddie"*
31. "Radio Ad: Announcer #2"*
32. "Radio Ad: Street Sez-Me"*

* bonus tracks

Controversial Negro:

1. "Get With It
2. "Can't Stop"
3. "Son of Sam"
4. "Cool Vee"
5. "Afro"
6. "R.L. Got Soul"
7. "Blues X Man"
8. "Watermain"
9. "Love All of Me"
10. "Fuck Shit Up"
11. "Hot Shot"
12. "Skunk"
13. "The Vacuum of Loneliness"
14. "Sticky"
15. "Bellbottoms"
16. "The Feeling of Love"*
17. "Down Low"*
18. "Dynamite Lover"*
19. "Flavor"*
20. "Full Grown"*
21. "Train #2"*
22. "Train #3"*
23. "Soul Typecast"*
24. "Support a Man"*
25. "Greyhound"*
26. "Sweat"*
27. "Backslider"*
28. "'78 Style"*
29 "Dissect"*

*bonus tracks

Tour dates:

7/15 Pittsburgh, PA - Diesel Club
7/16 Pontiac, MI - The Crofoot Ballroom
7/17 Chicago, IL - Pitchfork Music Festival
7/31 Montreal, Quebec - Osheaga Music & Arts Festival