Johnossi Johnossi

Call it classic singer-songwriter folk rock with a grunge leaning. The pre-chorus of opening track "The Show Tonight” recalls Neutral Milk Hotel ever so slightly in the vocal warble before going off the rails for a heavily distorted blues-rock chorus. Diving right into a high-octane garage rock workout, Johnossi outdo the Hives with "Execution Song.” Echoes of Paul Westerberg find their way into the sunny working-class pop rock of "Glory Days to Come.” Groovy jazz licks and raw, fuzzy riffs bolster John Engelbert’s impassioned vocals and Oskar Bonde’s boisterous drumming. Remarkably powerful for a two-piece, mostly due to Englebert’s inventive vocal cadence and tasteful yet dramatic chord changes, Johnossi should do particularly well with White Stripes fans. "Press Hold” carries the heaviest weight with its fatalist lyrical sentiment and ferocious delivery. Some songs feel like filler at first but even then the band inject the proceedings with enough manic energy to keep a few steps ahead of the pack. (The Control Group)