Johnny Marr Splits with the Cribs

Johnny Marr Splits with the Cribs
Legendary '80s guitar icon Johnny Marr has left energetic English outfit the Cribs. The former Smiths six-stringer had worked with the band since 2008, both on record and on the road, but he has now officially exited the troupe to focus on his own material.

"I'm working on new solo songs. I'll be putting out two records over the next year or so and doing more film soundtrack work," Marr said in a statement released today (April 11).

Apparently, there aren't any hard feelings over his departure; the guitarist praised the rest of the group and the times he spent with them over the past few years. With two records and soundtrack work to deal with though, Marr is just too busy to record and tour with his former Crib-mates.

"Touring and recording with Ryan, Gary and Ross [Jarman] has been fantastic and [2009's] Ignore the Ignorant is something I'm really proud of," Marr said. "We ended up doing much more than we originally set out to and I've made three good friends."

The Cribs, meanwhile, are reportedly prepping their fifth full-length as a trio.

Thanks to NME for the tip.