Johnny Marr Says Record Store Day Scalpers Are "Tossers"

Johnny Marr Says Record Store Day Scalpers Are 'Tossers'
As soon as Record Store Day closed up shop on Saturday (April 18), its exclusive releases immediately started fetching large sums of money online. Now, British guitar icon Johnny Marr has joined the chorus of artists and labels speaking out against RSD scalpers.

For this year's Record Store Day, Marr issued an exclusive 7-inch single with a cover of Depeche Mode's "I Feel You" on the A-side and a live version of the Smiths' "Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want" on the flip. While it hasn't been as inflated as some of the other releases, the 7-inch is currently hovering around the $30 CDN mark on eBay.

Taking to Twitter, Marr called the people reselling his 7-inch "tossers," and added that he will likely reissue the release for those who wanted a copy and didn't get one.
Better yet, the quotable Marr has been sticking it to fans who are whining about the release. When one user complained about the 7-inch's price, he wrote:
When another complained that reissuing the record would defeat the purpose of Record Store Day, he wrote:
Hopefully that wonderful snark makes its way into some of Marr's literary projects. The artist is currently working on an autobiography and a screenplay.