Johnny Marr Lends Guitar to Inception Soundtrack

Johnny Marr Lends Guitar to <i>Inception</i> Soundtrack
After doing time in the Smiths, Johnny Marr has lead an incredibly varied career as a professional guitarist. When he's not performing as a full-time member of Modest Mouse, the legendary Brit has been attached to recordings from Bryan Ferry, Pet Shop Boys, Oasis, Beck and, more recently, the Cribs. He has also made his "guitar sound electronic" for the score to a new Antonio Banderas film, and the soundtrack work continues, as he reportedly contributed some guitar work to the upcoming Christopher Nolan mind-fuck Inception.

The soundtrack was composed by Hans Zimmer, and based on samples in the film's trailer, it takes a similarly futuristic tone, much like Marr's other soundtrack work. In an interview with UAudio [via The Playlist], Zimmer dropped word of Marr's contribution.

"It's a very electronic score," Zimmer said. "There is orchestra, but the electronics share an equal spotlight, and I also have Johnny Marr playing guitar. Besides Johnny and the orchestra, everything else stays virtual throughout the mix."

With the addition of Zimmer and Marr, we are beyond excited to see Inception, not that we needed another reason. The tantalizing trailer is viewable below.