Johnny Marr and Ian Brown to Collaborate on Soundtrack

Johnny Marr and Ian Brown to Collaborate on Soundtrack
Over the past few years, ex-Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr has been busy proving that he's still hip, joining indie bands Modest Mouse and the Cribs. Marr's latest collaboration, however, is a little more age-appropriate.

According to a BBC report, the '80s rock icon is now working with Stone Roses singer Ian Brown.

The two musicians both hail from Manchester, and were apparently brought together to write the soundtrack for a TV drama created by a mutual friend. "The idea is that Johnny writes the music and I write the words and the melodies," Brown explains.

Marr and Brown are seeking a bassist and a drummer to help them with their soundtrack album. They're apparently eyeing former Stone Roses member Mani or Happy Mondays bassist Paul Ryder.

According to Brown, Marr has wanted to collaborate with the Stone Roses singer ever since they were teenagers. "He wanted me to sing and asked a mutual friend, but said 'I won't poach another guitarist's singer.' So we've got to work together now," Brown says.