Johnny Marr Assists 'The Sweeney' Film Score

Johnny Marr Assists 'The Sweeney' Film Score
Johnny Marr split from the Cribs a while back, and certainly won't be getting back together with the rest of his former Smiths cohorts anytime soon, so what's the Brit guitar god been up to lately? It turns out, he's helped score upcoming big-screen UK crime drama The Sweeney.

The film, a modern take on the '70s cop show of the same name, opens September 12 in the UK, and apparently features six-string work from Marr throughout. Below, you can sample a bit of the score via the symphony strings-heavy "Regan's Beginning," which was written by Lorne Balfe and features atmospheric eBow musings from Marr.

The guitarist apparently assisted every piece of music in the film, save for the theme song. The soundtrack also features guest work from one-time Pulp bassist Antony Genn and the Hours' Martin Slattery.

Scottish film composer Balfe previously worked with Marr on Christopher Nolan's 2010 epic Inception.

The upcoming film adaptation for the Sweeney, meanwhile, was directed by Nick Love, and stars gruff and grizzly UK film icon Ray Winstone (Scum, The Departed). You can check out the movie trailer down below.

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