Johnny Marr "Candidate" (video)

Johnny Marr 'Candidate' (video)
Johnny Marr is set to follow in the footsteps of his former Smiths bandmate Morrissey by penning a memoir (not to mention a screenplay and film), but for the time being, Marr is keeping fans focused on his music by releasing a video for the Playland track "Candidate."

The clip is just as straight-forward as the pop-rock song itself, as we see Marr and his bandmates recording the song in the studio. But despite the simplicity of the concept, it's slightly strange to watch it play out, since there's little effort to make the visuals line up with the music and it often looks like Marr and company are playing a completely different song. We also see some meaningful looks from Mr. Marr plus a few random folks sitting on couches.

Watch the Subset-directed clip below.