Johnny Jewel Talks New Film Score Work, Plots Albums from Chromatics, Glass Candy and Symmetry

Johnny Jewel Talks New Film Score Work, Plots Albums from Chromatics, Glass Candy and Symmetry
In addition to helping run the label Italians Do It Better, synth-pop kingpin Johnny Jewel serves as a producer and songwriter with a host of musical projects, such as Chromatics, Glass Candy, Desire and Symmetry. Now, Jewel has spoken out about even more music he has in the works, including some new film scores.

Jewel — who was originally recruited to score Drive but had his music scrapped — told Noisey that he is currently in the process of moving to L.A., partly because he's been working on a number of film and TV soundtracks. This includes Ryan Gosling's upcoming directorial debut, How to Catch a Monster, which stars Christina Hendricks and Eva Mendes.

Jewel said, "It's more doo-wop, disintegrated rockabilly mixed in with industrial sounds. So we've been listening to a lot of Alan Vega and the Shangri-Las. It's a really bizarre, fantasy-type story, in the vein of Goonies meets Twin Peaks."

The film is reportedly due out next year.

Other scoring projects include: Logan's Run, a long in-the-works flick that Jewel speculates might never come out; a pilot for a Fox homicide series starring Chloe Sevigny; Pimp, featuring Mary J. Blige and Dakota Fanning; and an indie film called Beautiful Now, which takes place inside a woman's head during the last five minutes of her life.

Jewel added that he's still working on Glass Candy's long-promised Body Work album, explaining, "I have 17 sets of lyrics and vocals that we recorded that are just incredible." Furthermore, a new Symmetry album is complete, and Chromatics have one two-thirds done.

He said, "My goal would be Body Work in the late fall. In the cold months, Symmetry. And in the spring, the Chromatics album."

Considering how long his After Dark 2 compilation was delayed for, we should probably take those dates with a grain of salt. In any case, we're likely to hear more updates before too long.

As previously reported, Chromatics and Symmetry also have some other new non-album efforts in the works. You can learn more about those here.