John Martyn Tribute Album Ropes in Beck, Robert Smith, Devendra Banhart, Snow Patrol

John Martyn Tribute Album Ropes in Beck, Robert Smith, Devendra Banhart, Snow Patrol
Jazzy British folk singer John Martyn died last year at the age of 60, leaving behind a 40-year legacy that included 1973's Solid Air (featuring his tribute to Nick Drake, who took his own life the following year). Now, a tribute album is in the works, and numerous high-profile artists have already signed on.

Details for the collection aren't yet set in stone, but Martyn's official website [via Rolling Stone] reports that 22 artists have confirmed that they will be taking part. Among those on board are Beck, the Cure's Robert Smith, Devendra Banhart, Snow Patrol, Beth Orton, David Gray, Vashti Bunyan and the Swell Season.

Don't be surprised if more artists sign on, as Martyn has numerous high-profile supporters. The singer released a live album with David Gilmour, Eric Clapton covered the song "May You Never" on his 1977 album, Slowhand, and Phil Collins was an outspoken friend and fan.

See the current list of participants below, along with which song they will be doing. The tracklist is unknown, so the artists have been listed in the same order as on Martyn's website.

Scroll past the tribute album contributors to see the tracklist of the upcoming reissue of Martyn's 1976 album, Live at Leeds. The original six-song release has been expanded to an 18-track double-disc set. It will be released September 6 via Universal.

Untitled tribute album:

Beck - "Stormbringer"

Snow Patrol - "May You Never"

Robert Smith - "Small Hours"

The Black Ships - "Rope Soul'd or Sapphire"

Beth Orton - "Go Down Easy"

David Gray - "Let The Good Things Come"

Lisa Hannigan - "Couldn't Love You More"

The Swell Season - "I Don't Want to Know"

Paolo Nutini - "One World"

Devendra Banhart - "Sweet Little Mystery"

Vetiver - "Go Easy"

Vashti Bunyan - "Head & Heart"

Skye Edwards - "Solid Air"

Ted Barnes featuring Gavin Clark - "Over the Hill"

Blind Boys of Alabama - "Glorious Fool"

Brendan Campbell - "Anna"

Sonia Dada - "Dancing"

Sabrina Dinan - "Certain Surprise"

Oh My God - "John Wayne"

Foley - "Clutches"

Nicholas Barron - "Angeline"

Cheryl Wilson - "You Can Discover"

Live at Leeds:


1. "May You Never"
2. "Outside In"
3. "Spencer the Rover"
4. "Make No Mistake"
5. "Bless the Weather"
6. "My Baby Girl"
7. "You Can Discover"
8. "Solid Air"


1. "I'd Rather Be the Devil"
2. "So Much in Love With You"
3. "Clutches"
4. "Mailman"
5. "May You Never (Rehearsal)"
6. "The Message (Rehearsal)"
7. "Outside In (Rehearsal)"
8. "The Man in the Station (Rehearsal)"
9. "Head and Heart (Rehearsal)"
10. "Clutches (Rehearsal)"