John Carpenter Gathering "Lost" Themes for New Album

John Carpenter Gathering 'Lost' Themes for New Album
It's Halloween month, meaning interest in beloved horror auteur John Carpenter is reaching its annual peak. More than just a director, however, Carpenter's handiwork also of course spread into the world of soundtracking. His scores for Halloween, Escape From New York and They Live, among others, are just as revered as the films they represent. Fortunately, the veteran has some more treats up his sleeve.

During a recent Q&A panel with frequent collaborator Jamie Lee Curtis at this year's Beyond Fest in L.A., Carpenter revealed that he has a new album on the way.

Details are scarce, but the record will piece together some previously unheard and "lost" Carpenter themes. When he was asked for more information about the piece, he simply said, "buy it."

That said, you won't have a chance to buy it for a little while, as the album is expected to arrive in early 2015.

Thanks to Shock Until You Drop/FACT for the tip.

UPDATE: Carpenter has now confirmed the album will arrive early next year via Sacred Bones.