John Cale to Bring Paris 1919 Back to the Stage

John Cale to Bring <i>Paris 1919</i> Back to the Stage
John Cale is best known as the Velvet Underground's boundary-pushing experimentalist, and his screeching viola drones meant that the band's first two albums sounded like nothing audiences had heard before (nor since).

After the leaving the group, however, much of his solo work was comparatively accessible, and never more so than on 1973's sweeping, orchestral Paris 1919. It was recorded with backing from an UCLA Orchestra, as well as the folk rock outfit Little Feat, and the ensemble's lush arrangements were the perfect accompaniment for Cale's newfound sense of melody.

On March 5, Cale will recreate the grandeur of Paris 1919 with a live performance at the Royal Festival Hall in London, England. He will perform the album in full with the Heritage Orchestra; there's no word on who, if anyone, will perform Little Feat's parts.

The Welsh icon held a similar concert in his homeland this November, performing Paris 1919 at the Cardiff Coal Exchange. It's a little strange that these performances are happening now, rather than four years earlier, when the album was rereleased in 2006 with 12 bonus tracks. Still, when it comes to a classic album such as Paris 1919, it's better late than never.