Joel Plaskett Wins Billboard World Songwriting Contest

Joel Plaskett Wins Billboard World Songwriting Contest
East Coast thrush hermit Joel Plaskett has taken top honours in the Billboard World Songwriting Contest. Plaskett’s song "Fashionable People” from his latest album Astray Rock won first prize in the pop category, beating out Matt Gorney’s "Do U Damage” (U? How gangsta) and Nafsica Gavrilaki and Zach Amit "Perfect.”

"I found out while I was trying to jump start my truck. It was great news in a day when nothing seemed to be going right,” Plaskett told CBC Radio 3 earlier this week. "I’m thrilled it won.”

The Billboard contest is totted as giving artists "unparalleled exposure among some of the music industry’s most influential professionals” and open to musicians worldwide. Billboard won’t say how many entries they receive in the contest, but more than 1,500 musicians received "honourable mentions” so chances are Mr. Plaskett beat out a lot of competition.

"Hopefully it will bring the song to the attention of people who would never otherwise hear it,” Plaskett said. "I was really happy with the way the song came together in the end. Gordie Johnson and I cranked it in the studio when it was done and partied down in celebration of the most ridiculous track of my career, if not his too. We tried to get Tone Loc to rap the third verse. Maybe we’ll approach him for a remix now that we have this attention.”

You can view all the winners of the Billboard World Songwriting Contest here. Good luck recognising many, however.

Joel Plaskett Emergency "Fashionable People"