Job for a Cowboy Take Their Death Metal to Brutal New Heights as They Hit the Road in Support of Ruination

Job for a Cowboy Take Their Death Metal to Brutal New Heights as They Hit the Road in Support of <i>Ruination</i>
With the release of their latest effort Ruination, Glendale, AZ's Job for a Cowboy are hitting the road after their longest touring break in over four years. "At this point it's just tour, tour, tour the world like it always has been for us," said vocalist and sole original member Jonny Davy in an interview with Exclaim!

Released on July 7 via Metal Blade Records, Ruination is the progressive death metal band's third release and follow-up to their 2007 debut full-length Genesis. But JFAC's sound has come a long way since they first started out during their mid-teens in 2003; the once deathcore band are now embracing a much more technical and brutal death metal style.

"We wrote the [Doom] EP when we were really young; I was 16 years old," Davy explained. "The change in our sound has been a natural progression. When you age your influences in music change and you mature in musical taste."

But JFAC's sound is not the only area of their musical careers that has been affected by age. Davy discussed touring frustrations before the band members hit the legal drinking age. "We played a lot of 21 and older clubs when we were on the road and we would always run into these weird awkward situations all the time, but we're all of age now, so everything's okay," he said.

"There were a couple of times, really early on, when promoters felt so awkward with us being in a bar; they were so afraid that they almost wouldn't allow us to play. It's happened a couple times where we would be driving out miles and miles and then there's someone saying, 'You can't play here because of your age.' It was a little frustrating."

With age difficulties in the past, JFAC's digging is not truly digging their heels in and getting in as much road time as possible in support of Ruination. "We're going to tour a lot and that's pretty much all we've got for now," he said. "We might talk about releasing an EP maybe sometime in 2010, but we'll see."

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