Joanna Newsom Really, Really Hates Bananas

Joanna Newsom Really, Really Hates Bananas
Earlier this month, harp-plinking songstress Joanna Newsom directed a rather strange insult towards Spotify, saying that the streaming service "is the banana of the music industry. It just gives off a fume. You can just smell that something's wrong with it." Now, she has continued her attacks — not against Spotify, but against bananas.

If you had been wondering what exactly inspired Newsom to compare Spotify to a banana, her new interview with Rookie makes it extremely clear: she really, really hates bananas.

"I don't eat weird shit like bananas," she said. "I can't even be in a room where there's a banana peel in the trash. I have to clear out... It makes me straight-up sick. Like, gasoline-fuel style."

While Newsom acknowledged that bananas are "a very nutritious snack," she went on to explain that she can't even stomach them in the form of baked goods. When asked if she had a feeling about banana bread, she said, "A very negative feeling. For me a banana is like, it's a non-food. Like it's like dog crap. Like if someone was like, 'You don't eat dog crap bread? You don't even eat hard candy that's flavoured like dog crap?' It's still a hard no."

Interestingly, although the Rookie interview was published this week, the article notes that the conversation actually took place last month. In other words, it took place well before the Los Angeles Times interview in which she made her Spotify comments, meaning that journalists aren't asking her leading questions about bananas. Rather, Newsom feels so strongly that she is broaching the topic on her own in multiple interviews.

Newsom's excellent album Divers came out last week, and the banana-hating singer will be hitting the road in North America in December. We're guessing that fans in the first few rows should refrain from eating bananas, lest Newsom catch a whiff and walk off stage (much like Roger Daltrey does in the presence of pot smoke).

Newsom's video for "Divers" came out just today (October 27). Watch it below.