Jim O'Rourke and Christoph Heemann Team Up for Plastic People Vol. 1

Jim O'Rourke and Christoph Heemann Team Up for <i>Plastic People Vol. 1</i>
When he's not covering Burt Bacharach or brainwashing iCarly, experimental sound manipulator Jim O'Rourke stays busy with a stream of acclaimed solo albums, limited releases and collaborative works. Next up on the docket is Plastic People Vol. 1, a look at 20 years of work with frequent collaborator and Kraut experimenter Christoph Heemann.

In the press release, the album is described as "a bottled history of Jim and Christoph's musical kinship, bending backwards from now all the way back to 1991. A mix of granular synthesis and concrete sounds, drawing from a wide-range of of interests and backgrounds, reshaped and reassembled after all these years." What that looks like is three untitled tracks that clock in at just under an hour of play time.

Plastic Palace People Vol. 1 will be released on CD on February 22 via O'Rourke's own Streamline Records, which is an offshoot of Drag City. A pre-order is available here, and the label says we can expect the second volume around 2020.

Along with the new release, O'Rourke has been staying busy in his adopted home of Japan, where he's been making the odd TV appearance. See him get schooled in some enka in the video below.