Jets Overhead "Boredom and Joy" (video)

Jets Overhead 'Boredom and Joy' (video)
Jets Overhead released their album Boredom and Joy earlier this summer, and the Victoria, BC-based pop rock outfit are now giving us some new visuals to go along with their latest release.

This sun-dappled clip shows a group of youths enjoying a blissful summer together. They romp through flower-strewn fields, go swimming, ride bikes, eat popsicles and fire water guns at one another. It's the perfect way to convey the freedom of lazy summers prior to the onset of adult responsibilities.

Check out the video for yourself below and try your best to not think about the approaching autumn.

Boredom and Joy is out now via Microgroove/Warner Music Canada, and you can pick it up now via the band's official website.