Jesuseater Jesuseater

Featuring vocalist Shawn Brown (Swiz, Dag Nasty) backed by a trio of talented artists, this reissue of Jesuseater's four-song independent EP by the burgeoning Deathwish Inc. unquestionably expands the label's sound. Far from the hardcore purists Deathwish Inc. have been embracing, Jesuseater are a full-on death rock machine, comparably to contemporaries Scissorfight or peers such as Melvins and Clutch (both older era) in their combination of bludgeoning riffs, simple but effective structures and catchy bellowed vocals. However, there are also references to older punk hardcore influences and stoner rock riffs, with "On A Clear Day" and "Your Airstream Future" being the standouts. Although a relatively new band still finding their musical footing, this EP shows that without a doubt, Jesuseater are focused on bringing "the rock" with a smouldering intensity, ably setting the stage for their forthcoming Step Inside My Deathray full-length. (Deathwish Inc.)