Jesse Hackett "The Dump Run"

Jesse Hackett 'The Dump Run'
UK producer/musician Jesse Hackett's resume is plenty impressive, having previously toured with Gorillaz and contributed to Damon Albarn's Africa Express project. He's making a big push this summer, though, with a solo album called JUNK set to be released through Stones Throw side label Circle Star. Before it hits stores, you can hear the jaunty if jittery album track "The Dump Run."

The track delivers a half-swung drum machine rhythm and playful piano lines, which juxtapose slightly shushed, almost ominous lyrics like "there's not much time." It's not exactly clear what the "Dump Run" is, but there is a sense of urgency to the track.

Make of it what you will, whether that be something sophisticated or scatologically sophomoric, by streaming it down below.

Hackett releases his JUNK on July 15.