Jess Moskaluke Past the Past

Jess Moskaluke Past the Past
Jess Moskaluke is a JUNO award winner and platinum-selling artist. Her newest EP, Past the Past, is genre-defying, pushing boundaries by taking new country into more alternative territory that suits her well and stays true to her vision.
Lead single "Drive Me Away" has a production style similar to pop maven Max Martin; during the first verse, a synth leads the way for a four-on-the-floor electronic drum kick before an exploding country pop chorus. Second single and pop-rock ballad "Kill Your Love" is infectiously memorable and undeniably nostalgic, its melody evocative of an already existing smash hit from earlier in the millennium that, satisfyingly, you can't quite put your finger on.
Moskaluke's Grammy-nominated producer and songwriter, Corey Crowder, highlights the use of electronic drums with a distinctly noticeable drum set impression in "Gotta Start Somewhere," even if an unflattering electronic drum rhythm gives the impression of an off-beat.
Moskaluke's Past the Past sticks to a theme of perseverance against negative emotions. The seven-track EP encourages many replays, and should reach audiences from dance to pop-rock and country-pop; it's irresistible. (MDM)