Jerusalem in My Heart Join Forces with Constellation Records for Debut Album

Jerusalem in My Heart Join Forces with Constellation Records for Debut Album
Since 2005, Montreal-based multimedia performance collective Jerusalem in My Heart have staged a number of diverse live events, presenting Arabic and electronic-influenced music pieces with film projections and elements of theatre. The ever-evolving unit will now be preserved in LP form for the first time ever via their debut album Mo7it Al-Mo7it, which Constellation Records will issue March 19.

A press release explains that while Jerusalem in My Heart's membership has been elastic, the album was put together by the core trio of founder Radwan Ghazi Moumneh, producer Jérémie Regnier, and Chilean visual artist and filmmaker Malena Szlam Salazar over the course of a couple of years.

Described as "stunningly subtle first record for a project that resisted documentation or any sort of fixity for so many years," the LP is said to interweave Moumneh's "powerfully authentic" vocals with a cascade of instruments, ranging from synths and overdriven electronics to acoustic buzuk and zurna. You can sample album track "Yudaghdegh al-ra3ey wala al-ghanam" below.

Visual collaborator Salazar, meanwhile, put together the lunar-styled artwork using frames from various 16mm projects. You can see the results up above, and the details of the tracklisting down below.

Mo7it Al-Mo7it:

1. Koll lil-mali7ati fi al-khimar al-aswadi (Speak of the Woman in the Black Robe) 

2. 3andalib al-furat (Nightingale of the Euphrates) 

3. Yudaghdegh al-ra3ey wala al-ghanam (He titillates the shepherd, but not the sheep…) 

4. 3anzah jarbanah (Sick, Diseased Goat) 

5. Ya dam3et el-ein 3 (Oh Tear of the Eye 3) 

6. Ko7l el-ein, 3oumian el-ein (Eyeliner of the Eye, Blindness of the Eye) 

7. Amanem (Amanem)