Jenny Lewis Details 'The Voyager' LP

Jenny Lewis Details 'The Voyager' LP
Last week, we learned a handful of hints about The Voyager, the new LP from singer-songwriter Jenny Lewis. Today, she's shared the full details of the album.

Speaking with Rolling Stone, Lewis revealed that the album was produced with Ryan Adams and his work partner Mike Viola.

"Ryan and I didn't know each other very well before this album," Lewis said. "We had hardly even listened to one another's music, to be honest. But I trusted the vision, and Ryan ended up being the person to get me over the fear of finishing something I'd been working on for so long."

Production duties also trickled over to Beck and Johnathan Rice, though it's unclear how much they were involved.

"Making The Voyager got me through one of the most difficult periods of my life," Lewis continued. "After Rilo Kiley broke up and a few really intense personal things happened, I completely melted down. It nearly destroyed me. I had such severe insomnia that, at one point, I didn't sleep for five straight nights. Many of the songs on The Voyager came out of the need to occupy my mind in the moments when I just couldn't shut down."

Warner Bros. will release The Voyager on July 29. The album's tracklisting is available below.

The Voyager:

1. Head Underwater
2. She's Not Me
3. Just One of the Guys
4. Slippery Slopes
5. Late Bloomer
6. You Can't Outrun 'Em
7. The New You
8. Aloha & the Three Johns
9. Love U Forever
10. The Voyager

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