Jennifer Foster Fit For Mars

Sporting pop-punk hooks and sophisticated folk-tinged arrangements, Fit For Mars is a remarkably eclectic EP by promising solo artist Jennifer Foster. The Toronto-based singer-songwriter may be best known as a member of the Pursuit of Happiness and it was no coincidence that former TPOH front-man, Moe Berg, co-produced Foster’s first album, Speedyhead. This time around she’s enlisted the help of producer/guitarist David Garza (Juliana Hatfield) and the result is a formidable follow-up. Bursting out with the rocket-fuelled "Dumb Down,” the EP immediately shifts gears with a title track that recalls the sonic sensibilities of Aimee Mann. It-girl Sarah Harmer also gets a sly nod on "Homesick Homicide,” which follows the creepy, plodding "Zombie.” The cinematic samples on the latter are an interesting touch but ultimately do little to save a half-realised song. Despite its bordering-on-Paula Cole feel, "Water’s Rising” gets Foster back on track and segues nicely into the country-folk of "Flower” before the EP ends with the romantic "Self-Esteem Song.” It’s a well-rounded second effort for Foster who is a gifted songwriter waiting to blossom. (Kanada Kid)