​Jenni & the Hummingbird "Am I Odd?" (video)

​Jenni & the Hummingbird 'Am I Odd?' (video)
Prince Edward Island's Jenni Roberge makes music under the moniker Jenni & the Hummingbird, and she's set to release her debut EP Your Masterpiece later this month. First, though, she's teasing the upcoming record with a new video for "Am I Odd?"

The video captures Roberge winding her way through forests, star-sprinkled skies and empty black voids, as playful effects toy with time and movement. Leaves and snowflakes float upwards, day turns to night, and multiple incarnations of Roberge appear on camera, delivering visuals that are equal parts whimsical and melancholic. It was shot by filmmaker and documentarian Millefiore Clarkes.
"The song sort of explores a few topics, although I'd say it's really about trying to find your identity in this world, or questioning the one you already have," Roberge tells Exclaim! "How does this new world mould your ego? Does your ego matter? Some big questions, but Millefiore did an incredibly beautiful job on exploring these sorts of questions in the music video. My goal is to leave listeners and viewers asking themselves some larger questions about themselves."
Drop yourself into Jenni & the Hummingbird's introspective spectacle by watching the video for "Am I Odd?" below.

Your Masterpiece is out February 23.