Jenn Grant Launches New Cover Series with Her Take on Gord Downie's "Chancellor"

Jenn Grant Launches New Cover Series with Her Take on Gord Downie's 'Chancellor'
After getting extra festive this Christmas with the holiday album Forever on Christmas Eve, Jenn Grant is coming back into our lives with some new material. This time it's for a new cover series, which will find her delivering one new cover a month. To kick things off, Grant has shared the first instalment — her take on Gord Downie's "Chancellor."

In a statement, Grant explained the following of her first cover choice:

It was 2001. I can see myself in a pile of clothes and makeup, always going out, never working, often listening to "Chancellor" by Gord Downie from the speakers of my desktop computer. This song has always stuck with me. My brother once told me, if you listen to music on repeat during a certain time in your life then those memories will stick with you forever. I really remember my purple bedroom with its messy floors on Jubilee road where I lived with my mother, my brother and our dog Stanley Grant.

I might end up talking like I knew 'Gord' but we never met. I had the opportunity to once, when we walked next to each other in the back of The Marquee club in Halifax, but I didn't say hi because I knew he was tired after having just entertained the living daylights out of me, and everyone in the club. I was in the front though. The very very front, memorizing moves and watching with such wonder. What a suit! What a white suit! He moved with what seemed like effortless magic and every effort at once. Dancing and singing with a piercing focus and playful charisma.

Like so many others, I admire this gentle giant who beckons from the sky. And as I have watched the sky now slowly turn above me for almost a year, I see how it has brought me so many gifts. One of those was time- which I have made use of, by trying on several new layers of independence.

Down below, you can hear her cover of "Chancellor," which finds Grant producing her own work for the first time in her home studio in Lake Echo, NS. The cover has even arrived complete with a new video.