Jeff Tweedy Penning "Funny, Disarming and Honest" Memoir

Jeff Tweedy Penning 'Funny, Disarming and Honest' Memoir
Whether cranking off alt-country cuts with Uncle Tupelo, breaking boundaries with Wilco, getting even weirder with Loose Fur or playing with his boy in Tweedy, Jeff Tweedy has led a long and illustrious music career. Fans will soon learn about the his creative process via a series of behind-the-scenes stories he'll share in an upcoming memoir.

Though an ETA has yet to be determined for the as-yet-unnamed autobiography, Penguin imprint Dutton confirmed with Associated Press that it will be publishing the forthcoming book.

Apparently, the collection is "funny, disarming, and honest," and will trace the beloved singer-songwriter's history, from being a young Clash fan into the beloved music maker he is today.

The book will also deliver details on collaborations with various musicians, including Mavis Staples. Tweedy had produced the soul singer's You Are Not Alone and One True Vine albums.

Tweedy said in a statement: "I have stories to tell, and I'd like for this book to be a combination of those stories about my experiences, and maybe a window into one person's creative process, as well as some of what I've seen working with other artists in my current and former bands, in the studio, on the road, in my basement with my sons and more."

Earlier this year, Tweedy and his long-running Wilco project served their fans Star Wars as a free digital release, before issuing the set commercially.