Jeff Ott Will Work For Diapers

Beautiful guitar work, witty lyrics and love-them-or-despise-them vocals fill the songs on Will Work For Diapers. Jeff Ott writes incredibly clever political folk songs that call to mind greats of the past like Phil Ochs, whose protest song style has clearly inspired this two-CD collection. Ott has an interesting way of making his point, often using humour to deal with such issues as tenant rights, minimum wage and over consumption. In fact, every single song here has a clearly defined point to make, often beating the listener over the head to make it. One disc of this can inspire, but at two complete discs it can easily turn into monotony. While the strong songs here are just that — incredibly well-crafted and intelligent, catchy and poignant — the remainder, while still good, can feel excessive as Ott’s unique vocal delivery becomes less interesting and more aggravating. This is still a worthwhile album, for it’s moments of greatness are indeed great; just be prepared to skip past a few sub-par numbers in your search for political inspiration. (Sub City)