Jeen Returns with Sophomore 'Modern Life' LP

Jeen Returns with Sophomore 'Modern Life' LP
Having made her first foray into solo work with Tourist in 2014, Canadian singer-songwriter Jeen (a.k.a. Jeen O'Brien) has lifted the curtain on details behind a follow-up record. Titled Modern Life, the record is set to arrive this fall.

Like Tourist, Modern Life was recorded and self-produced by O'Brien in her attic. A press release says that the album's melodic and lyrical work call to mind "the golden age of indie rock and MTV's 120 Minutes, where both fans of 4AD and Veruca Salt could come together to find some common ground."

"Instead of focusing on the parts of my career I couldn't execute the way I'd like, I decided to focus on what I could control and just make another album," she explained in a statement. "I'm already looking ahead to the next one."

Modern Life will arrive November 4 through Red Brick Songs/Paper Bag Records. Read through the tracklisting to hear opener "Modern Life (Electrified)" in the player below.

Modern Life:

1. Modern Life (Electrified)
2. All Night All Day
3. On Fire
4. Sirens
5. New Minority
6. Don't Look Down
7. The Problem
8. 100 Miles High
9. I Need A Remedy
10. Run Away