Je Suis France Fantastic Area

Evolving from a Pavement-loving art rock band to a diversified music machine, Athens, Georgia’s Je Suis France (not actually from France) have chosen to let it all hang out on their second album, and first for Orange Twin. Fantastic Area is a genre-fusing album that snubs the idea of limitations. Clearly avid music fans, Je Suis France refer to everything from the post-punk dance manners of Gang Of Four ("Fantastic Area”), Elephant 6 psychedelic pop ("California Rules”) and drone of J Spaceman ("Snake Pussy”). However, the most enjoyable tracks, like the soft, epic "Space Rules,” which shows their sensitive side and "Horse Violence,” a mishmash of personalities, blur the lines to create the true sound of Je Suis France. Questions remain as to why they have two songs named "Ice Age” right after one another, but with Je Suis France’s taste for overindulgence, it’s best just to forget about it and enjoy the tunes. (Orange Twin)