Jazz Pharmacy Amnesia

After five years of jamming, Montreal's Jazz Pharmacy has finally got around to releasing this slick, funky and occasionally quirky set. While the group is known for their live prowess, it's evident that the acquisition of studio toys and mixing part of the record at Hendrix's Electric Lady studios has allowed them to indulge their sound experimentation urges. Unconventional elements like horse whinnies and clanging cutlery occupy the background and provide trivia for repeated listening, but ultimately subsume themselves into the overall mix. Importantly, the freewheeling approach never loses sight of the groove and allows the group to explore music in more conventional ways. Accomplished workouts such as "Get Wit Da Flo" "Desire" and "Better Than Love" are bolstered by sincere vocal performances, proving that Jazz Pharmacy thrive on and draw inspirations from the sounds around them to assemble a distinctive and irresistible funky world order. (Sinistresound)