Jazz Cartier "Stick and Move"

Jazz Cartier 'Stick and Move'
"2015 was practice," Toronto rhymer Jazz Cartier raps on his brand new single, "Stick and Move." Though the artist's Marauding in Paradise built buzz this year, it would seem he's getting ready for an even bigger 2016.

As far as production goes, the track connects with lean and mean snaps, melancholy piano noodlings and more.

Cartier flows above this, chewing out "hipsters" and "gold diggers," but also going on to uncomfortably rap about being a major player that can't be tied down . He raps: "Me, I don't love 'em/You know that I stick and move."

Though details have yet to arrive, a full-length is expected from Jazz Cartier sometime in 2016. You can catch his latest single down below.

Jazz Cartier has a series of Canadian dates coming up, including a newly announced Vancouver show at the city's Fortune Sound Club on December 5. You can see his schedule here