Jay Bizzy The Ghost of Jacob Marley

Jay Bizzy The Ghost of Jacob Marley
After studying under Maritime rap vet Classified, Backburner's Jay Bizzy is bound to burst out of the Halifax hip-hop scene with his sophomore album, The Ghost of Jacob Marley. He’s backed by a nice selection of mid-tempo head-nodders and club-worthy neck-snappers supplied primarily by the impressive Dexter Doolittle, and with a few more from Fresh Kils, Beatmason, Jorun Bombay and Classified. Jay Bizzy’s subject matter may revolve around the typical hip-hop subject matter of sex, drugs and rap (including numerous references to self), but Bizzy is an accomplished MC who is as capable with battle raps and punch lines as he is with telling stories, both humorous and serious. While the intro track — lyrically Sebutones-esque — is a little too slow to immediately pull in the casual listener, there isn’t really a bad moment on the album; the song is just poorly placed. The best tracks are over Dexter’s beats, with the Latino-tinged sounds of the scathing "The Truth Hurts,” the creepy grooves and sexual brags of "Dirt Dessert,” and the cut-heavy braggadocio of "The One.” And for those looking for a crash course in Halifax hip-hop history, Bizzy drops a list of dope local artists for his last verse of outro track "My Day.” Once again, Halifax hip-hop is on the rise!

Is there any meaning to the name Jay Bizzy? Bizzy is short for "Bizness.” I got the name back in high school when I tried to open up my own record store. Back then I used to hustle mix-tapes at school. I also ran my own ice cream shop for four years in Shelburne. I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart.

What is the story behind the album's title? The ghost of Jacob Marley is the voice in my head that keeps me up all night. I call him my "ghost writer.” That’s where the ideas, the lyrics come from. I lay the tracks down in the booth and give him the power to get in the heads of other people and haunt their minds.

What is a "dirt dessert”? How do you make it? Ha ha... That’s a special treat for the ladies. A lot of ways you can make it, but only one way to serve it up. The recipe is still top secret.

Has Classified taught you much? Dude is like my mentor in this music biz. If it wasn’t for Class I don’t where I’d be with this rap shit. Anytime I have a question I know I can call him up. He’s already been down these same roads I’m travelling. (Urbnet)