Jay Arner Returns with 'Jay II' Solo Album, Premieres "Crystal Ball"

Jay Arner Returns with 'Jay II' Solo Album, Premieres 'Crystal Ball'
After spending the past couple of years dipped in Energy Slime, Vancouver's Jay Arner has revealed plans to get back to his solo career. The West Coast popsmith's sophomore record has been given a most meta title of Jay II, and it touches down June 17 through Mint Records.

Despite Arner and Jessica Delisle delivering Energy Slime's quick and crafty 7-inch at the end of 2014, Jay II will be the first full-length solo release from Arner since his self-titled debut from 2013. He had, however, issued the one-song "T.S.A.T.S." flexi single for Record Store Day the following year.

The new, nine-song release was recorded over the course of a month by Arner and Delisle, with a tracklisting confirming it includes songs titled "World of Suffering," "Earth to Jay" and "Like a Dracula." While the release is still a few months off, you can take a peek at the future via a stream of the record's "Crystal Ball."

You'll find the new single below, courtesy of Spin, while that would be Jay II's especially minimalist artwork up above.

Jay II:

1. Back to School
2. Crystal Ball
3. Earth to Jay
4. World of Suffering
5. Street Freaks
6. Like a Dracula
7. Personal Line
8. Wannabe
9. What's Reality