Jay-Z Tops Forbes Hip-Hop Cash King List Yet Again

Jay-Z Tops Forbes Hip-Hop Cash King List Yet Again
In perhaps this week's most well-timed list reveal, Forbes has announced Jay-Z is the most bankable rapper in the game for the fourth time in five years. Watch the throne, indeed.

The magazine branded Jigga top dog on the "Forbes Hip-Hop Cash King" list, explaining that the iconic rhymer brought in $37 million over the last 12 months. Diddy came in second with a respectable $35 million, while Watch the Throne collaborator Kanye West capped off the top three with $16 million.

Forbes points to Jay-Z's varied portfolio, including a successful partnership with Diageo's Ciroc vodka, as well as concert earnings, as some of the reasons he clinched the top spot. It doesn't hurt dude either that he just dropped one of the most highly anticipated rap collaborations ever.

Even though he's currently alpha male, other hip-hop heads are eyeing the throne. In an email to Forbes, "Black and Yellow" rhymer Wiz Khalifa claimed that "I will be No. 1 next year." He made the list at No. 11. Birdman, who came in at No. 5, also told the magazine, "If we ain't number one now, we'll be there soon."

On top of the kings of hip-hop, Nicki Minaj became the first queen to graze the list, debuting at No. 15 with $6.5 million. You can see the results below.

Forbes' Hip-Hop Cash Kings:

1. Jay-Z: $37 million

2. Diddy: $35 million

3. Kanye West: $16 million

4. Lil Wayne: $15 million

4. Bryan "Birdman" Williams: $15 million

6. Eminem: $14 million

6. Snoop Dogg: $14 million

6. Dr. Dre: $14 million

9. Akon: $13 million

10. Ludacris: $12 million

11. Wiz Khalifa: $11 million

11. Drake: $11 million

13: Pharrell Williams: $10 million

14. Timbaland: $7 million

15. Swizz Beatz: $6.5 million

15. Nicki Minaj: $6.5 million

17. Rick Ross: $6 million

17. 50 Cent: $6 million

17. Pitbull: $6 million

20. T-Pain: $5 million

20. B.o.B: $5 million